Writing for The Learners Toolbox

Guest posting guidelines for The Learners Toolbox:

By submitting an article for publication, you agree with the following policy.

  1. All guest posts will support the mission of The Learners Toolbox, “Helping learners thrive”
  2. The Learners Toolbox publishes every Tuesday and Friday by 6am Singapore time. Writers will meet these deadlines.
  3. A blog post will have a Featured graphic used as the ‘cover’ for the post and relevant to the content of the post. Graphics must be licensed under appropriate licence and follow academic integrity guidelines. References are cited using APA (Education and social sciences uses APA.) 
  4. Writers will link the blog post to at least 2 other blog posts on The Learners Toolbox.
  5. Writers can link to their own blog or website in their bio at the end of the post.
  6. Writers are not allowed to use their post for affiliate marketing of their own.
  7. The editor of The Learners Toolbox reserves the right to make changes to the post or to ask for revisions.
  8. The Learners Toolbox reserves the right to republish the content.
  9. The post should be minimum 500 words and maximum 2500 words.
  10. Our readers like free stuff so guest writers are not allowed to sell their own products using  The Learners Toolbox.