A Thank You to the Tribe

I’m delighted you’re here, and I want to send you a personal Thank You gift for sticking with me at The Learner’sToolbox all these years.

The Learner’s Toolbox has evolved over the years from a classroom blog I started in 2011 when the Thailand Flood Threat hovered over Bangkok and my class scattered as school closed. We kept learning through this blog.

Over the years, this Toolbox has grown to a space where I could, in small ways, provoke thinking about what learning is, the many ways we approach it, and how to support teachers, coordinators and schools in designing deliberate ways to focus on learning.

I’ve grown as the Toolbox has grown – in organic, often messy ways—and I’ve loved every minute of it.

It’s because of you, and many other colleagues, who strive to wrap our heads and hearts around the art and science of learning that this Toolbox sustains its vision of providing provocation toward what it means to be a learner for life.

So, I want to thank you.

I’d like to give you a free ebook on “Designing Complexity for Learning” – a mini-toolkit to launch approaches to learning in your classroom–as a token of my gratitude for traveling with me as I provoke thinking around what it means to learn how to learn.

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Thanks again, and I look forward to our continued learning on The Learner’s Toolbox. And, do reach out if you have questions, or just to say Hi. I love conversations with teachers who are obsessed about learning how to learn!

To your success,