Countdown to The 8 Hour Action Plan

For years, I had wondered if a team of busy teachers will ever have enough time to do everything we want to do to create thriving schools.

Then, I saw it happen.

A team of teachers took their school to re-accreditation by following a minimum viable process and successfully achieved re-accreditation in 18 months even when there had been very little done in the past four years. I know that the process only had an hour a month spent with the stakeholder groups implementation the action plans, and it worked. I kept the process in mind and thought, when I have the time to write it all down, I want to share this process with other teams who want to prioritise implementation, save time and get things done.

And that’s when the idea for this book took hold. I have spent the last months writing a book called The 8 Hour Action Plan; Prioritise implementation, save tons of time and get things done.

What is this book about?

The book is a practical guide to a process for developing an action plan. The book walks through a process for school teams who may be overwhelmed with figuring out the implementation action plans for their program. It is the only resource currently available at time of writing that bakes the process of creating actions into implementation plans with a minimum one hour per month for each month of a school year, so that your team is guaranteed  to meet and sustain improvement goals for your program.

Through this book, the reader understands:

  • Why accredited schools need action plans 
  • What to do before developing action plans
  • How to focus and prioritise implementation plans
  • How to find out the knowledge-action gap
  • How to probe implementation goals for specificity and be concrete with action plans
  • How to calibrate implementation
  • How to create a cycle of improvement based on the action plan

Who is it for?

The 8 Hour Action Plan is written for the team leader, coordinator, accreditation team, or implementation teams of schools who want a cyclical and practical process for developing sound action plans in the minimum viable time available. The book is not thick with theory but is full of strategies and tips that can be applied right away. It is accompanied by supplementary materials to help a team save time and get things done.

Why did I write this book?

I saw it happen. 

And, I also wanted to write a book that was different from what is already out there. Most if not all of the books currently about implementation with teams talk about collaboration or about leadership development. Many are heavily into leadership theory and research on how groups function, but I have not found any that actually went straight into a hands-on approach. 

Because I know it can be done, and because there is a need, I decided to write this book.

It’s for the team leaders who struggle with competing priorities that simultaneously fight for attention in a time-bound school year, but who want to get things done.

The book is launching on 31st July. (Which would have been my dad’s birthday.) That’s a week or two before teams start planning for another school year.

For years, I’ve looked for the answer to the question, How do we prioritise action plans, save time and get things done?

And now, I have a detailed suggestion of how it can be done.

This book is for the team leader who struggles, the team leader who wants to avoid overwhelming the team. It’s for those who want a proven process that can be adapted to their own context, so that they can prioritise, save time and get things done.

If you are interested in being part of the launch team for this book, please let me know by sending me an email at Visit this page to sign up for the launch.

Or, join the launch team and get your free copy ahead of the launch date!

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The launch team to support "The 8 Hour Action Plan" (release 31 July 2019). This is the space for sharing information and communicate as a group.

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