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  1. My question of “is individualism or collectivism better” ties into the concept of patterns of group-decision making, incentives to work, and attitudes to the dependent. The answer depends on the cultural and historical background of the person, like the video said, in some cultures, they prefer to work independently as they see it as easier without having to deal with other people’s thought and ideas, but some people also like to share ideas to get a universal product which merges everyone’s idea’s advantages into one. But as a international student, without any bias towards culture, which one is actually better? is there any statistical evidence?

  2. Hi, I think your question is an excellent way to use numbers (stats) to enter the inquiry. Perhaps when it comes to concepts that ‘explain’ people whether individuals or societies, the answers are less absolute. Do stats give us absolutes? What might stats suggest about behaviors of groups or individuals?

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