What does it mean to be human?

In our discussion on October 17th, you brought up the ideas that the creature in Frankenstein exhibited some human qualities.

  • he appreciated beauty of a spring day (the value of aesthetics)
  • he was eager to find acceptance
  • he was socialized by observing a family
  • he was corrupted by rejection
  • he felt remorse but also sought revenge
  • he learned (there was a change in his behavior and attitudes after experiences)

We then summed up our humanity as a combination of

  • continuous physical development
  • continuous moral development
  • continuous emotional and social development
  • continuous intellectual development

Your next tasks are the following:

  1. Post your inquiry question (as a comment to this post) related to the overall theme of what it means to be human. (DUE DATE: Oct 18)
  2. Choose one of our psychologists from this list: Piaget (intellectual development), Vygotsky (intellectual development), Bruno Bettelheim (emotional and social development), or Richard Sweder (moral development)
  3. Do some research into your chosen theory of personality development
  4. Create a character and show the stages of development according to your psychologist, using a Facebook wall (with photos, status updates, and comments from FB friends), videos, etc.) (DUE DATE: Nov 1)

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