Following your line of inquiry

We created questions about identity, which you posted on our wall last Thursday. You’ve investigated what key terms you would use to search for the answers to your questions.

Now it’s time to find resources and follow your line of inquiry as you research using your key terms.

Products expected the week of October 7-11:
You are tasked with finding out information, which answers your inquiry question. Put this information together, and create a visual display of the information. Your question should feature as the starting point of your inquiry, followed by the following information:

  • the process you followed to find out
  • brief descriptions of what you did and understood at each step of the process
  • your conclusion(s) about the answer to your question
  • citation of sources in MLA style

Here is an example of the process:
Line of inquiry by Charlotte R. Class of 2015

On October 11, your task in class is to plan your investigation into how a virtual environment (Facebook) changes how people present themselves and how others perceive their identities. The product is the plan for the investigation.

You will perform the investigation on the weekend of October 12-13. A written summary report of your findings is due on October 14.

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