Getting Started with Critical Perspectives

for TR16E
Concordian’s Class of 2016

This week, the incoming Year 5 will receive their Summer Reading Assignment.

Things to Do

To support you in this assignment, sign up as a follower of this blog by typing in your email into the space provided in the bar on the right hand side of the blog front page.

The blog will be used to post ways that you can approach your learning, present you with materials that help you think, and other unit-specific information and tasks.

Also, head on over to our Facebook page Lit Up which is a space where you can discuss topics in language and literature studies in MYP Language A. This is where we can ‘meet up’ and talk about all things literature. We can also share resources with the group.

The blog is for students of MYP Language A Year 5 only. The FB page is a social page where you might meet other class students and teachers who like literature and discussions about literature.

Critical Perspectives Investigation

Before you read your summer text, investigate into critical perspectives in literature. You can start with this online introduction from Purdue’s OWL.

If you come across more resources as you investigate WHAT critical perspectives are and HOW they shape our reading of literature, share these resources on our Facebook page where we can discuss them, and as a comment to this post so the class has a shared list of sources.

Welcome, Class of 2016. May our journey together be meaningful.

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