Memories, Facebook, and the concept of Time, Place and Space

In the introduction to our new unit, we also viewed a Youtube video about Facebook being the new record of memories. Gone are the scrapbooks, large photo albums and letters of old for sharing and documenting our lives. Instead, we share on a mostly public wall these artifacts that make up our identities and development.

To inquire into our continuing development, we will begin with a look at how Facebook demonstrates the intersections of time, place and space in the artifacts that people share, in the language they use indicating relationships, and in the ways in which people’s Facebook profiles may or may not be the same personas they are in their physical and materials (not virtual) lives.

Our task is to develop a Facebook page of a fictional person who has gone through stages of development according to a theorist of your choice. This assignment is due March 13th and can be submitted through the Managebac dropbox, or via email to Dr Fish.

Have fun with this task!

Author: alavina

Cognitive Coach and author. I simplify personal power so you can use mental resources and find pathways to your goals, be more productive and feel in control every day.

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